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Essay on Superstitions – The Fear of what is unknown and mysterious

Causes of Superstition

❶They also believe in witch-craft.

Meaning of Superstition

He invents an imaginary explanation for the happening. He thinks that some unseen power is behind these natural events. There are people who believe in ghosts and spirits.

They also believe in witch-craft. They think that the power of mantras controls everything. So ignorance is the cause of superstition. Most of us are superstitious in some way or the other.

It, sometimes, survives even in scholars and learned persons. People are not able to overcome the traditional snag of the past. Today we have learnt the scientific explanations for many natural events. But we are yet not free from the chains of superstitions. The latter may harbor superstition or may not; it depends upon the degree of enlightenment within the society. This superstition has its origin in the last Supper of Christ. When Christ supped last, there were 13 persons, and soon after that Christ was crucified.

Because of these superstitions many godmen priests, so-called astrologers, palmists and occultists are having roaring business. The gullible and superstitious people throng their shops and willingly get duped. Superstitions have various forms and manifestations. At some places it can be seen in the worship of snakes, animals, trees and the practice of witch crafts. At others it is observed in the form of animal and human sacrifices.

Sometimes a superstitious person does not hesitate even in sacrificing his own son or daughter to propitiate a god or goddess. There is no limit a. Much of bigotry and fanaticism have their roots in our superstitions.

Many times a woman is burnt alive as a witch or sorceress. It reminds us of Jaon of Arc of France who was burnt to death because she was considered a witch by the invading English army. In many villages and towns there are houses, places, trees and caverns believed to be haunted by ghosts. The graveyards are supposed to be frequented by these spirits, and should therefore be avoided, at night and at odd hours.

If anybody dares to go there at odd hours, he or she is bound to be possessed by the evil spirits. The only remedy available is rationality and scientific temper. The more the knowledge based on facts, the lesser the evils of superstitions.

We must eradicate ignorance, fear of the unknown, the ideas of existence of evil spirits through dissemination of scientific knowledge and enlightenment in order to root out superstitions from our minds. In India there are many superstitions. Beliefs in ghosts, witches, omens, spirits, age old rotten customs and traditions are to be found almost everywhere in India.

For thousands and thousands of people in India superstitions are synominous with religion because they are weak-minded and rationally not developed. They are victims of the superstitions and irrational rotten faiths in the guise of religion, traditions and rituals. Not long ago small-pox was considered as the result of the wrath of a goddess.

Still in many villages and towns the goddess Shitala is worshipped as the authoress of small-pox. Similarly, sneezing at the start of a work or a travel is considered as an evil portent. The crossing of a cat while you are going for some work is also regarded as equally ominous. In such an event it is presumed that the work is sure to end in failure.

The barking of a dog, the crying of a cat, the howling of a jackal and broying of an ass are also taken as ominous. Superstitions and 'luck' are closely associated.

When a person watches two sparrows, it is believed that he will have abundant joy. The housing of dogs, spilling of milk or salt, walking under a ladder, falling of a picture or mirror is associated with ill luck.

There are many superstitions that Indians cling to. These are ridiculous to a person who has a scientific outlook to life. Men with such a bent of mind do not believe in fiction. They require proof and their view of events is always objective. They are not the victims of ignorance. But now education and science have to a great extent enlightened man.

They have unraveled many mysteries and removed a number of superstitions.

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Consequently, superstitions may become an obsession to a person and make his life a real nightmare, because he would notice superstitious everywhere around him. To my way of thinking, superstitions is a good example of a .

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A superstition is defined as "a belief founded on irrational feelings that do not have fact or reason to support them." Superstitions abound in all cultures throughout the world, and are as old as mankind/5(5). Superstition in Huck Finn Essay Words | 5 Pages Superstitious Times Some say that superstition is an impractical way of looking at life but the characters in Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn beg to differ.

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Superstition in Huck Finn Essay Words | 5 Pages. Superstitious Times Some say that superstition is an impractical way of looking at life but the characters in Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn beg to differ. Superstition refers to the excessive belief and ‘blind faith’ for the supernatural. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that are usually baseless and without any reason. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that .