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❶I was in a need of a coursework very urgently. If you are amongst many of those students whose worst nightmare is to prepare a coursework then you are at the right spot.

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Someone sent it to me when I made a post in a rough moment. Thank you so, so much for that link. I've been having issues with my "inner critic" and hearing what this guy had to say was a huge help.

If I'm too stressed to do that, I'll start with 10 minutes on, 2 minutes off. If I'm too stressed even for that, I'll start with just 5 minutes. See if you can endure the discomfort of your anxiety by working for just a short time - staring it down often makes the anxiety weaker. Just gotta slog through it. This only works if you have in fact experienced this before and you have in fact gotten through it ok before.

Maybe start with low engagement - just list all the major steps needed to get a piece of work done. Then add a bit more detail to each point, maybe creating sub lists. Before too long you might find yourself just sorta doing the task.

Don't think about all the things you need to do, just think about the first thing you need to do, and then do it. After that, do the second. I'm a champ in this category since it happens to me so often. I find a few things work for me when I'm stressed and can't get started. I still wish I was better at it though. So for me this would be opening a text document and saving it.

Then next time I'd add a title to the document and keep adding the smallest thing you can possibly think of. Eventually it 'snaps' and I'm good to go. I'll often have well over ten things that need to be done around the house. When I get a few of these things done which causes me to feel like I am in control again and also happiness just to have a smaller 'to do' list. Tiny to no lyrics, but they cause me to easily slip into the zone. Here's the one I'm listening to now: I start by rereading the syllabus - connecting to what drew me to selecting the course during the course selection phase.

I always sort of start by putting it off with making a list of all the stuff i need to do. Where step 1 is always something in the line of "gather all paper, instructions for the course", "read the assignment" etc.

I notice that once i've picked it up, started reading it, and writing out the next steps to take, that it calms me down enough. I don't pressure myself to start, just to make some overview.

Once i have done the overview it always feels more manageble than before, because the clusterfuck in my mind has been turned into little steps that i can take to tackle this problem. This happens to me. Fortunately the meds are the solution because I get stressed because I get overwhelmed and can't focus.

Perhaps your meds are not the right ones for you? I got ALL the things done. Maybe you should research that. I'm not a doctor though, and I'm sure there are tons of other options as well. That's just the only one I've tried in my limited experience that had that effect. Start with your easiest task.

Think about it as 1. Now start with the one that's least intimidating. If it's just reading, do that. If it's the materials section, write that. It'll be easier to keep going after that. I find myself doing this all the time and despite what other people have said I think I may have your answer. You have a ton of work, right? What you're doing which is what I do is looking at the big picture. Right now you're looking at the three or four papers you have to write, the 20 to 30 pages of reading and the gazillion math problems you have to do.

Of course this is an estimate but you get the picture. I find doing reading for courses should be done at night before i go to sleep so I can slowly knock it off as opposed to sitting down at 12 in the afternoon and trying to read while your friends are playing frisbee. Take one day and gather up your sources and look through them for any useful information. After that you need to develop a thesis statement. Take some shower time and think about what you might want to write about.

After you write your thesis take a bunch of time to write your outline. After your outline just take it two paragraphs at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself and eventually the paper will be finished. The key to all of this is to not get overwhelmed.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain and looking at the top can be a very daunting thing to do, while at the same time it's hard to not do. Breaking down pile of work you have into bits and pieces that are easy and manageable is the best thing to do for your anxiety and a great thing to do to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

I've tried a number of things in the past. I haven't kept up with any of them, but they helped me a lot when I was in this same situation.

They were mostly used for finals. For everything I've tried, I had to make a plan. They were never really detailed plans, just what I had to do today and tomorrow. Things like, "I have my exam Tuesday at noon. I should study for it Monday. It organizes one thing in your life. You could try taking timed breaks. I noticed that when I tried studying with no break I would get anxious and lose focus.

It helped when I said that I'd study for a half hour and do something fun for the same amount of time. It could be longer or shorter, depending on you. I used baking as my break, since it times itself and I have to stop or it will burn.

Choose the service that you want according to your requirements and get the maximum of it. When you are saying someone write my coursework, and you are having an incomplete paper in your bag, give it to us. We will complete your paper for you. We will write in your style and tone and improvise with the language if needed. Why because we customize your assignment and proceed with the paper according to your instructions. Say us how you want the paper to be, say what your professor has said, say how the paper needs to be formatted and see how perfectly we abide by your words.

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