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“Soccer in my Life” – Jordan’s Senior Class Essay

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I have met many people through playing soccer over the years. From playing in the Sister City Soccer Cup against kids from Sweden to just playing against teams from around the area, I have gotten to know many people. I have met some of my best friends through soccer, either through playing on the same team as them, or just getting to know an opponent that I have played against many times.

It is a lot of fun getting to know other people through a sport that we both have in common, even if they play for a rival team.

I have also learned the importance of respecting everyone, even those that I may not like as much. I have made many good memories through playing soccer. One of my best memories is the Sister City Soccer Cup. That tournament was especially fun because I got to know some people from Sweden and learning a little bit about their culture.

The teams that I played on in that tournament were also probably two of the best teams that I ever played on, and it was really fun getting to play with some of the best players in the area instead of just playing with the kids from my school. Playing in tournaments with my competitive team in the summer is one of my memories, all the fun that we had hanging out around the hotel and playing the games.

My junior year is also one of my best memories because we accumulated the best record that and C-E-C team had ever got in the history of the program. Just knowing that I was a part of the best team that our school has ever produced is something that I will be proud of for the rest of my life. Just the thought of kids a few years from now talking about how they hope to be as good as the team was in and knowing that I was a part of that team makes that one of my best memories.

Another one of my good memories is making the all conference team my senior year. Even though our team was not as good as we were my junior year it was still a fun year and to be considered one of the best players in the Lake Superior Conference is an honor. Our online service can help you with your writing and provide you with essays of the highest quality.

Like every game, soccer has rules. Now, in the soccer essay, we will discuss the rules. The game is played by two teams in a big field covered with grass. Each team consists of eleven players. The rules are not difficult. The main rule states that it is forbidden to touch the ball with hands or arms only the goalie can do it, he defends the goal. Also, players of different teams must not push or hit each other.

The game is judged by the referee. There are goals at the opposite ends of the soccer field. The field has a goal box and a penalty box. Every team has uniforms of different colors. Usually, the colors represent the country they play for. The World Cup is the most famous soccer championship. It is held every four years. Teams from many countries of the world compete with each other, and millions of people around the world watch the game on television at that time.

It is a very competitive kind of sports that is why it is interesting to watch it. Soccer is popular with children as well. Boys around the world play soccer at their free time. This game is healthy because it involves much running. Nonetheless, it causes traumas sometimes. Soccer has simple rules; however, it is a difficult game. It is a highly strategic game that requires logical thinking, quick reaction and endurance as it is necessary to run without a rest for a long time.

Players have different roles in the team. There are forwards who attack and score goals. There are defenders who help to defend the goal. In this soccer essay, we discussed the game of soccer, presented basic information about it and explained its rules. Also, we considered the history of this most popular game in the world. Posted by Essay Writing Help at 4: ADmin April 19, at 8: Anonymous June 10, at 8: Torri Peters November 30, at Anna April 28, at 1:

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Cause/Effect Essay Soccer: Hasn't Made The Big Time In The US Soccer, or football (futbol or foosball), as the rest of the world outside the US calls it, is surely the most internationally renowned sport. /5(10).

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Soccer Essay Examples. 40 total results. A Brief History and Fundamentals of Soccer. words. 1 page. A Description of a Soccer in Radge. words. An Analysis of Soccer as a Popular Sport Played All Over the World. words. 1 page. The History of the Soccer Game. words. 2 pages.

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A hook sentence (also called a narrative hook or literary hook) is a sentence in the first paragraph of a piece of writing which "hooks" the reader into reading more. Th is is usually the first. Aug 04,  · In this soccer essay we will discuss soccer. Soccer (also called football) is the most popular kind of sports in the world. It is more than years old.