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❶The Jew passed through the sea of Reeds when they were leaving Egypt.

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Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students. Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. Sunday, November 14, Research Paper on Judaism. He was born in in Kempo in the province of Posen. At a young age he studied at a yeshiva and received a Talmudic education.

He began to study German and secular subjects after his marriage to a woman with a modern education. After their divorce several years later, he began studying at the University of Prague and Berlin and received a doctorate from the University of Leipzig.

In the year he became the rabbinate of a reform congregation in Berlin. At this point he already disapproved of most liberal Rabbis and came to be known as the most exemplar of reform Rabbis in all of Europe The question comes to mind as to what exactly triggered this different belief in Judaism which differed significantly from previous tenents.

It started during the time of the French revolution, a time when European Jews were for the first time recognized as citizens of the countries in which they lived in. Ghettos were being abolished, special badges were no longer required and Jews could dress the way they wanted, settle were they pleased and work the occupations they desired. Many Jews settled outside of Jewish districts, and began to live like their neighbors and speak the language of the land.

They went to public schools and began to neglect Jewish Studies and forget about he Shulchan Aruch. In , after Napoleon's defeat, Jews lost the rights of citizenship in many countries.

Many Jews converted to Christianity in order to retain those rights. Many thoughtful Jews were concerned about this. They realized that many of these changes took place not because of a dislike for Judaism, but in order to obtain better treatment. Many rabbis believed that the way to address this was to force Jews to give up public schools and universities. They realized that every now and then old practices and new ones were introduced, resulting in a different lifestyle then or even years previously.

They fathomed that these changes often made life easier for the Jew. They concluded that in order to make Judaism attractive to all Jews this change had to continue. A group of Rabbis assembled in Germany, and changes began, thus developed the start of Reform Judaism.

Holdheim a reform Rabbi himself felt that the Jews living during his time period should change the laws given to them at Mt. Sinai and the halacha that the Talmud and Mishna state. Holdheim believed that the laws of the Torah and the Talmud that were in effect when the Jews had their own country and government have lost their legitimacy. Judaism now had to be in accord with both the letter and the spirit of laws of the nations they were living among.

Even the laws of the Torah whose source was God had to be regarded as valid for certain times and places as he said " with the change of the circumezces and conditions of life for which God once gave those laws , the laws themselves cease to be operative, that they shall be observed no longer because they no longer can be observed". Thus , Holdheim said that the biblical and Talmudic laws concerning marriage, divorce and personal status are no longer relevant and the Jews in these cases should be ruled by the state government Sasson Broadly speaking one could trace the history of Judaism back to the early religion of Israel, the religion that produced the Hebrew Scriptures that are known to Christians as the Old Testament.

Here, however, we take Judaism to refer to the religion that was known to Jesus and his contemporaries, and that was later developed and formulated by the Rabbis.

A key date in the development of Judaism was 70 C. Judaism of the pre period is known to us from the New Testament and from other sources.

It was a Judaism in which the Temple and its elaborate sacrificial system held a central place. Pilgrims from all over the Jewish world converged on the Temple on the occasion of the great Jewish festivals see Exod. Judaism of the first century C. Some of those groups, such as the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Scribes, are known to us from the New Testament, while other documents reveal the existence of other groups.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, for example, have detailed information on the Qumran sect. After the destruction of Jerusalem which brought the Temple worship to an end, the Rabbis began to develop a Judaism that suited the changed circumstances. The rabbis were teachers who studied the Scriptures and the religious traditions that had developed over the centuries see Mark 7: They formulated norms which governed every aspect of Jewish life.

The Judaism they taught became known as Rabbinic Judaism, and all forms of contemporary Jewish religion are ultimately derived from the Judaism of the Rabbis. A basic principle of their religious system was that God revealed a twofold Torah the Hebrew word 'Torah' is usually translated as 'Law' , the written Torah, i.

The Rabbis taught that 'Moses revealed commandments: The teaching of the Rabbis was formulated in the Mishnah, a collection of legal opinions which was written about C. The Mishnah contains regulations for all areas of Jewish life.

It has, for example, sections on prayer, on the manner of observing religious Festivals, on marriage and divorce, and on matters relating to civil and criminal law. After its publication the rabbis in Palestine and in Babylon where there was a large colony of Jews wrote commentaries on the Mishnah. These commentaries were written down as the Talmuds, the Jerusalem or Palestinian Talmud which was written down about , and the Babylonian Talmud, which was put to writing about a hundred years later.

The Mishnah and the Talmud became the foundation documents of rabbinic Judaism, and they are still diligently studied today by observant Jews. Besides the Mishnah and the Talmud the rabbis produced other bodies of literature, especially biblical commentaries Midrash which applied the Scriptures to the daily lives of ordinary Jews.

Very often these commentaries included parables and fictional narratives that communicated religious and ethical teaching in an interesting and often entertaining way. Christians have often claimed that Judaism was a religion of legalism and external observance. It is true that Jews were meticulous in their observance of the many regulations that governed their lives.

But they observed these regulations in the spirit of the biblical precept which commanded them to love the Lord with all their heart and all their soul see Deut. They regarded the Law as God's greatest gift to them, as the clearest proof of his love, and they saw their own obedience to the Law as a proof of their love for God.

They did not observe the Law out of fear or for the sake of a reward.

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This is an analysis research paper on Judaism. The essay will discuss the history of the religion and the foundation of it. Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions and remains an .

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