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Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Doctoral Studies

❶Leave three blank lines i.

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This form will be provided to the Chair by OAA prior to the defense. The chair should submit this form to the Office of Academic Assistance for your permanent file. Example of Record of Proposal Defense form.

Additional information for Public Policy Joint Ph. D students In addition to the record of proposal defense form, Georgia Tech requires that all students obtain written approval of the dissertation topic and committee. Because you will have selected a topic and committee by the time your proposal defense is scheduled, you should print a copy of this form and have it signed on the day of your defense. It must be turned in at Georgia Tech.

If you later have any substantial change in your dissertation topic or title, or a change in the membership of your committee, a revised form must be submitted indicating the change. While no new form is required for additions, deletions or substitution of minor words that do not alter the meaning, if in doubt, submit a revised form to the GTO. Master of Public Policy: Please consult with the program Director, Dr. John Thomas jcthomas gsu.

The deadline to apply to graduate is two semesters before the expected term of graduation. You should apply to graduate by the appropriate deadline; if for some reason you are unable to finish by the term you requested, you may change your term of graduation without penalty.

The audit will indicate remaining degree requirements. Additional information for joint Public Policy Ph. These publications provide specific information on correct footnoting, bibliography, quotations and general format. Theses deviating in format will not be acceptable to the School unless written justification is received from your thesis committee and prior approval is received from the Program Director.

The use of an experienced editor is encouraged and recommended. Do not use another thesis as your guide. It is not acceptable to imitate the format of another thesis or dissertation; documents accepted in the past do not set a precedent for what will now be accepted.

After consultation with your thesis chair, choose one of these style manuals and follow it exclusively. Should you need to use a differing style please discuss this with your thesis chair.

Regardless of the style manual all preliminary pages of the thesis will remain the same. You may use any standard word-processing program to create your document but some programs are more difficult to convert to PDF. Your thesis must be in PDF format for both formatting review and final submission. It is your responsibility to make sure your document is converted in the correct format to PDF. Common symbols, such as scientific fonts, may be used in the body but not in the title of the work.

All type, including superscript numbers and letters, must be large enough and dark enough to be clearly legible even on microfilm. Do not use boldface for emphasis in the text. The top, bottom and right-hand and left-hand margins should be 1 inch. Margins must be consistent throughout the document. All tables, maps, charts, etc. If necessary, documents in the appendices may be reduced to conform to the margins. Centering is always done relative to the text margins, not to the page edges. Right justification will not be accepted.

Continuous page numbering is required throughout the thesis. Page numbers may be centered at the bottom of the page within the 1-inch margin or placed in the lower right-hand corner, depending on the style manual you choose.

Whichever you choose, consistency throughout is key. Numbers that appear on pages before chapter 1 are Roman numerals. Arabic numbers are used beginning at the first page of chapter 1.

Page numbers on the first page of chapters may be suppressed so they do not appear on the page if the author prefers. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs. The text of the thesis should generally be double-spaced.

Footnotes, references, and legends are single-spaced. Leave at least two blank lines before and after tables and figures except at the very top or bottom of pages. For example, no heading should appear at the bottom of a page unless there are at least two lines of text underneath it. Regardless of the style manual or area of study, all preliminary pages of the thesis will remain the same. Below in sequential order are the required preliminary pages.

You may click the name of the page to review a sample. Pages of the main body should be numbered using Arabic numerals in accordance with the style manual you are using. The following information should be presented in the introduction:. The main body of text is divided by chapters; each chapter begins a new page.

Chapter headings are numbered with Roman numerals and are given distinct titles. Subtitles are acceptable and recommended. Chapters are customarily divided into subsections with subheadings that have slightly different styles and are designated first, second, and third-level headings.

These should follow the rules of the style manual and be consistent throughout the text. Chapters do not have title pages. The conclusion gives a clear and comprehensive summary of the previous chapters. Suggestions and recommendations for additional research should be made. Appendices are usually added to contain data and quotations too lengthy for inclusion in the text. Each appendix is identified with a capital letter, and must bear a title.

Continue numbering all pages consecutively; however, reference to the appendices is indicated by the letter for example Appendix A, Appendix B , rather than the page number of the thesis on which the appendix is located. Each appendix and its title should be listed separately in the Table of Contents.

All materials in the appendices must be legible and conform to margin guidelines. Do not include copyrighted materials in the appendices unless you have obtained appropriate authorization from the holder of the copyright to do so.

Following the appendices is the list of references, formatted according to the style manual you selected. The last page s of the thesis is a biographical sketch of the author. The vita is written in the third person in prose, and should be no longer than two pages. It is your responsibility to a obtain letters of permission from copyright holders to reproduce copyrighted material used in your thesis and b turn in these written permissions at the time your submit your final draft to the Office of Academic Assistance.

Permission s should be obtained well in advance of the anticipated date of the final defense. Allow ample time at least several weeks to secure permission.

The main task is to identify the copyright holder at the time of publication and write for permission to reprint or adapt the material. Depending on the policies of the copyright holder, permission may be required from the copyright holder as well as from the author of the requested material.

Determining who holds the copyright can be a challenge, particularly for older works, because publishers may merge and copyrights change hands. The permissions request should specify the source material title of work, year of publication, page number, etc. The OAA will accept a letter of permission or an email from the publisher. Once permissions are granted, the author needs to include a permissions notice in the thesis refer to your style manual for format.

Your thesis cannot be accepted as final until all copyright permissions are obtained. The conduct of the exam will be decided by you and your dissertation chair. Usually a half-hour presentation is made, followed by questions. You are not expected to explain all the details of your research, but to give a broad overview, and to answer questions. The following topics are often addressed:. You will present and defend your final dissertation in a public presentation that will be open to faculty and other graduate students in the program.

The final defense is not an examination of the merits of the dissertation; it is a formal presentation of the results. You should be prepared to discuss and answer questions about the objectives of your research, research methods you used, major findings, conclusions, and implications of the findings. If you have been meeting regularly with your chair and committee members, there should be no surprises at the final defense. Once you and your chair believe your dissertation is in final form, a copy is circulated to each committee member for review and comments.

Only after all comments have been addressed to the satisfaction of your committee should you schedule the final defense. Once you and your committee have decided on a date, it is your responsibility to notify the OAA so that a room may be scheduled and an announcement circulated. You should also assume responsibility for other procedural details, such as bringing the required paperwork, requesting any special equipment you need, and checking the conference room assigned before the exam.

The final defense is announced to faculty and doctoral students via e-mail approximately one week prior to the date it is scheduled.

Once you have passed your final defense the chair will ask the committee members to sign the appropriate paperwork. The following should be signed and submitted to OAA for record keeping and verification:. Additional Paperwork for joint Public Policy Ph. Once signed, it is your responsibility to turn in the Certificate of Thesis Approval, along with other required forms, to the Graduate Thesis Office at Georgia Tech. To be cleared for graduation your dissertation format must be approved by the Office of Academic Assistance OAA and electronically submitted through the Georgia State University Library exception: Follow the instructions for formatting approval and final submission.

No modifications may be made to the final copy once it has been accepted as the official copy by the OAA. Please remember that this file will become part of your permanent body of work and it will be available worldwide. Any errors or mistakes will reflect on you and your program. Additional information for Joint Public Policy students: You are not required to copyright your dissertation, however You may do so if you choose.

You may copyright your dissertation for a fee in one of two ways: If your dissertation is copyrighted, remember to include a copyright notice after the title page; if it is not to be copyrighted, a blank page is inserted after the title page. The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies does not require you to submit bound copies of your dissertation. If you wish to have your dissertation bound you may use one of the following methods:.

Once your PDF document is uploaded, select from a wide-range of binding, paper and copy options, and choose your shipping preference. Students in the Joint Ph.

Georgia State Campus Directory. Selecting a dissertation topic. When you are ready to begin initial work on your dissertation you should do the following: Meet with the Doctoral Program Director to discuss who among the faculty would be the most appropriate person to serve as your chair.

After the Doctoral Program Director has agreed with your choice should you invite that faculty member to chair your committee. Send an email to the Doctoral Program Director and copy the Office of Academic Assistance listing your chair and members, and requesting that they be officially appointed.

Once approved, an official memo appointing them will be sent out and placed in your file. Composition of the Dissertation Committee. The proposal should include a summary of the following: Scheduling the Dissertation Proposal defense. To set up your defense you must do the following: Coordinate with your committee on a date and time to hold he defense.

Email OAA at least two weeks prior to your defense date so that a room may be scheduled and an announcement circulated. The email must include the following information: Date and exact time of your defense. Selecting and using formatting software. Selecting a Style Manual. Typically one of the following two manuals have been used as formatting styles for theses: Turabian, University of Chicago Press most recent edition. Fonts, margins and general formatting requirements.

Students may choose to request a Certificate of Completion to show that they have completed all degree requirements before beginning a position, as faculty or postdoctoral fellow, for example. See details below under Certificate of Completion. If a doctoral student completes all of the requirements for the PhD during semester I, the tuition and fees for semester II will not be charged even though the degree itself will not be formally conferred until the end of semester II.

At least two weeks prior to the final examination or defense, candidates must provide the department manager with the appropriate dissertation defense information so the dissertation defense information form can be completed and returned to the Graduate School.

Requests for waiving the final examination must be endorsed by the dissertation director as well as the director of graduate study or department chair.

Samples are available online. The signature page should bear the original signatures not a copy of the dissertation director and all readers. Signatures should be in either black or blue ink. The typed names of the director and readers must appear under their signature lines.

Candidates who want an original signature page signed by the Dean of the Graduate School must include an additional signature page. All text should be double-spaced, except for block quotations, captions, long headings, and footnotes. All these should be single-spaced with a blank line between items. The number should not appear on the title page or the copyright page but, these pages are assigned numbers and are included in the pagination.

Preliminary pages are numbered with lower case roman numerals, centered at the foot of the page, three-fourths of an inch from the bottom edge. The title page counts as page i but the number does not appear on the page.

The remainder of the dissertation is numbered with Arabic numerals beginning with 1. The preliminary pages must appear in the following order:. Should any element of the preliminary pages be longer than one page, number the pages consecutively.

The preliminary pages should appear in this order but not necessarily with the page numbers shown above. The dissertation proper including introduction, main body of the text, illustrations, appendices, and bibliography is numbered using arabic numerals. The numbering begins with "1" and runs consecutively to the end.

Do not place headers on each page. Use them only as appropriate to indicate major sections of the thesis e. They should be centered and placed two inches from the top of the paper in uppercase type. For example, if you complete your dissertation in August of , the date on your submission should be May

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for completion of the thesis. Doctoral students discuss their dissertation proposal as part of their qualifying exam. At the completion of this meeting, the student should submit a memo to committee members summarizing what was agreed upon during the meeting.

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Dissertation Guidelines Ph.D. candidates at Brown must file their dissertations electronically. Brown's electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) system was developed by the Graduate School and the University Library and launched in

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Dissertation Formatting Guidelines This section describes the dissertation format that all NYUSteinhardt doctoral candidates are required to follow. Dissertations must adhere to these requirements in order to be accepted by the Office of Doctoral Studies for . The dissertation is a document in which a student presents his or her research and findings to meet the requirements of the doctorate. It is a substantial scholarly product that represents the student’s own work. The content and form of the dissertation areguided by the dissertation committee and the standards of the student’s discipline.

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Format footnotes for your thesis or dissertation following these guidelines: Footnotes must be placed at the bottom of the page separated from the text by a solid line one to two inches long. Begin at the left page margin, directly below the solid line. These guidelines summarize the steps you will follow to prepare for, write and submit a dissertation in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.