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Top 15 Most Interesting Popular Culture Essay Topics

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❶She agrees that the media is beneficial to society but also sees what it is doing to young adults, both male and female. Pop culture is different form the high arts, because it is designed to appeal to all of us, and this brings up some very specific ramifications that are worth considering.

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Need help with essay? Professional essay writers - My custom essay - order essay written from scratch today. Read this essay writing tips. How to Find an Interesting Essay Topic Searching for an essay topic on pop culture can be a catchy task.

How did it happen that we started to choose friends, judging on the music they like? Is it true that joining countercultures and subcultures based on popular trends is somewhat meant to make the elder generation mad? Is it true that some great ideas have been spoiled and destroyed by many fans after becoming overly popular? Does the Internet really play this big role in the development and formation of our tastes in the pop culture? Are the creators of pop culture product responsible for the influence it causes on other people and should they ever feel responsible?

How has the phenomenon of soap operas declined within the recent decades? Is there any good sense in worshiping celebrities? Has it anything to do with worshiping heroes? Is the pop culture of today really soaked with racism and sexism? How does pop culture change with every generation? Is pop culture a manifest of a generation or does a generation develop and achieve form under the influence of pop culture?

Media affects both men and boys, but it seems that woman as well as young woman are the most affected. The main effects that media has on girls is the pressure to be perfect. In using the word perfect it means the pressure to have the right clothing, be just as powerful as men, and be twig thin.

The media targets young girls with flawless woman that have perfect hair, skin, and figure. Skinny does not always mean beautiful. When the media is portrays woman to be thin, porcelain dolls, it brainwashed girls into believing that is the only acceptable way to look. Shea also emphasizes the fact that humans imitate what they see and learn by doing. So seeing these super models and advertisements, people are going to mimic what they see.

This media tactic is dangerous and unrealistic. Some suggestion stated are that companies use the commercial airing time and plus magazine ads to inform its audience on the dangers of eating disorders. It has been recognized that the company Dove has been using more average woman to empower all of the realistic woman out there. Not only are the woman targeted by the media affected but also the woman inside of the media. It is interesting how usually only woman are put down, when you see Charlie Sheen smacking around woman and using drugs Barr states.

Also she is in awe of how people want to watch dumb sitcoms. On the bright side, women are being portrayed as more powerful in current movies. Breznican points out that this switch in character is becoming more appealing to viewers. It shows woman as being more powerful and independent. The stunning hero intrigues men, and women are enjoying the relativity. This is a way of empowerment towards the women, one of the few positive effects of the media.

Women seem to be the target of a lot of the pop culture and media influence. They almost seem to be the most willing to except the trends they see, whether it is appropriate behavior or not.

Some controversial shows have already gotten the bad reputation for what message it sends to children and young adults tuning in to view them. Some believe these shows reveal a more glamorous side to the issue and fear of more young adults jumping on the bandwagon. Many more famously known teens than those small town girls portrayed in these shows have also wound up pregnant and in the public eye. Facing the facts and statistic, the typical age of sexually active teens is dropping from year to year.

It does however seem that young girls see their friends pregnant and want the same thing, but why would you want to put yourself in the same struggles they were to see them already going through? If teens go through their lives giving completely into media influence and wanting to be like the celebrities or like their friends, they have no true identity of themselves. Media and sports can collaborate with each other in many ways. Sports has grown plenty with the expansion of media.

There are many different fantasy games for multiple sports online. Fantasy football is the most common played amongst football fans. Some of these leagues you need to pay and some you do not. Many of the sports championships are shown on my different television programs and can be seen on the Internet as well. The media is always talking about certain topics in sports.

The biggest place to get much of the sports news is ESPN. This channel runs many breaking news stories and highlights of games from around different leagues. A person can see sports on many technological devices all the time. Sports have become something people can stream online or watch their favorite sports team on television.

It is a cheap and in expensive way for enjoyment and entertainment. There are also some very negative things that can come out of athletes being in commercials and advertising. Some would ask why is that not okay? Some kids believe that they have to be like that person and will maybe stop eating or even do things to portray that athlete.

This can harm them physically and emotionally. Some commercials that are about acne or about having a disease can be beneficial to show that we are all human and those athletes have the same diseases or issues in their lives which can help make a kid feel good about what they have and that the athlete is also human. One of the different advertising and marketing strategies is having men sell women's products and women sell men's products. They feel if men see an attractive lady selling a product for men they tend to buy it because of the good looking gal and vice versa.

Marketers and advertisers tend to choose people who are very good looking so people are more attracted to the product. The Magazine, states that there are people like Barry Bonds who have hurt the sport of baseball because he cheated.

One would believe that someone who cheats in sports or does not play by the rules gets on the media outlets the most. What are we teaching kids? It is okay to cheat and not play by the rules. Kids may believe that it is okay to cheat but it is not. The media should show the good things about sports maybe an athlete that has overcome a disease and has come back to play a sport after fighting a terrible disease.

There are negative and positive aspects that are associated with media and sports. Media is going to keep growing and sports in the media will as well we just need to watch kids and teach them what is acceptable and what is not. Media and pop culture lives everywhere. Almost everyone, some way or another, is affected by it.

No matter what age, advertisements and the Internet are influencing the development of their lives. Although its influence is not all negatively affecting these children and adults, being cautious of what our young population is exposed to is still important.

As pop culture media is always readily available, young children need to realize following the footsteps of good role models is okay, but should never forget to be themselves. Annotated Bibliography Barr, Roseanne. New York Magazine, 15 May Barr was a star on many shows on television. Barr talks about in this essay how she felt she was mistreated. She also talks about how the producers were sexist towards her.

Barr also talks about her show Roseanne and its successes. The final aspect Roseanna talks about what people like in television shows. She tells that it is a tough life and that people do not appreciate you very well for what you do. Barr talks about how she commends David Chappelle for being able to walk away from being an actor in TV sitcoms.

She also criticizes how Charlie Sheen was a drug user and smacked women around and how that is not right and how many men get a kick out of that TV show. She realizes that is how our society is changing to and is what is now widely accepted. USA Today, 11 June In an opening argument, USAToday states that media and pop culture are how individuals gain knowledge in everyday life; such as about politics and elections, fashion, celebrities, and the latest trends.

Some last longer in some areas and some people never even hear of some of the trends. In saying, last winter, boots were a big trend with women. Another trend stated in this article that died was the trucker hat.

Pretty, Tough Women In this article, the difference between women today and of the past is portrayed. Breznican points out that not only are tough men being portrayed in action packed films, but so are women. He describes how this change is more appealing to more people. Instead of just men wanting to see action packed films now, with the strong female roles, women are interested too. The portrayal of this strong yet sexy woman has opened many doors for both actresses and directors.

Now days, you see more movies and television serious about lady superheroes or tough gals fighting crime. Because women have become more independent and strong within the last decades, women do not want to see a shy female character within the movie. They want to see more of what they are and how they feel about themselves: The author also points how sometimes the sexiness factor really is not enough.

People go to see the movie for the story of the yes, young and appealing, but also heroic and strong women. This opens several movies up to more of a different audience. Not only do young men attend to fondle over the gorgeous hero, but it could also be an alternate to date night.

Women enjoy seeing someone of their own type portrayed on the screen. They know while they cannot fly and curve bullets, seeing such a strong woman on screen encourages them to be strong in their own lives.

The author argues that it really does not have many negative effects. As it does set up the perfect circumstances for a person to hide behind alternate cyber personality, it also allows a person to really see what their friends are up to and what is going on in their lives. The author states that there are good arguments both ways.

It also gives some statistics on studies that have asked people who have recently realized they use Facebook more whether they spend less or more time with their friends in person. Most reported that they have more social interaction since their increased Facebook use.

Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This article starts off by giving all the facts about how many high school students are engaging in sexual activity and then compares it to the past and how much of an increase in percentages there are. The reason for these increases, Escobar states is the affect of the media on teenagers. Another thing Escobar says is that when someone is exposed to one thing constantly like a behavior , they become more accepting to it.

An example of this would be MTV. Other dangerous side effects of the young media followers is that they try to act like the celebrities, this can cause loss of identity and they can choose who they want to be at the moment.

Johnson is writer who tends to write about culture and computers. He has written many books pertaining to science, culture, and computers. He talks about how technology affects people and what should be done.

He works the culture and computers into his works because that is what interests him the most. Some people believe that video games help with eye-hand coordination.

This essay also talks about how kids should read books more often than playing video games. Johnson firmly believes that if students would read more they would do better in school. Kids tend to be poor at having conversations with people when all they do is play video games. Johnson also puts in a lengthily paragraph about how teachers and parents would say about reading is like playing video games. Students when reading actually have to concentrate and read to words to make sense of them and when they play video games they are pretty much in a day dream and not really concentrating on what they are doing.

The Magazine, April

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Keywords: popular culture essay, pop culture essay "Popular culture is always defined, implicitly or explicitly, in contrast to other conceptual categories: folk culture, mass culture, dominant culture" John Storey, , p Before we look into more depth about the term 'popular culture' we must first determine what it actually means.

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The definition of popular culture is quite simple. Today in society, popular culture is seen when young women go along with the latest trends in order to fit in with their social crowds. - Religion in Pop Culture Final Essay Platoon, directed by Oliver Stone, and "Saving Private Ryan," directed by Steven Spielberg, are two movies flush with Christian Symbolism. Both films feature scripture, Platoon opens with it, and in Saving Private Ryan, there is a character that often quotes scripture.

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A lot of the things that were popular in the past are now fads that have come and gone, and the stuff that is considered pop culture today will probably do the same. Back in the 60's there were the tye-dye t-shirts, bell-bottom jeans and love beads.3/5(6). Asking for our pop culture essay examples is like an appetizer before getting yourself an exquisite writing that is both high-quality and cheap. Order now!