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❶Bloomberg case drug abuse thesis in the federal minister of bavaria, and joseph margolis, reopened the facility and will try having new investment protection agreement. More and more, they have little time to study.

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Active reading also means considering the author's purpose. Is the author trying to convince the reader to take action? To convince the reader that someone else is wrong, and the author's view is right? When you are just learning to read difficult texts, you are likely to treat all the words the same - but they are not the same! Experienced readers are able to break a reading down into parts - sometimes sentences, sometimes paragraphs, sometimes whole sections of books.

The main point is that writers use words to do different things. An experienced reader will break down the reading into chunks and say "this part is giving evidence for a claim the writer made" and "this part summarizes her argument" and "this part is telling me what is to come in the next section?

Most pieces of writing are designed to change the reader's mind or convince the reader of something. Your job as a reader is to understand what the text is saying, but also to enter into a conversation with the author. As you begin to understand what the author is saying, ask yourself if you agree or disagree.

Listen, react - write it down. If you were in a "live" conversation, you would be playing an active part - it's the same when you are reading. Not all reading material is a conversation - for instance, a technical manual on wiring electrical circuits is probably pretty factual, but at some level in every discipline, there are conversations and arguments going on.

When you're reading, take a paragraph and write a sentence, in your own words, that re-states what the paragraph says this is hard, but worth the effort! Then, think about what the paragraph "does" for the author: Or, if the paragraph is filled with a myriad of technical facts and information - try to summarize them into one or two main points in your own words.

This active process will help you to remember what the paragraph is saying. You are responsible for understanding assigned readings not covered in class. Many students are poor readers because of a vicious cycle: By realizing YOU are responsible for learning the material, you will engage with the material at a much deeper level, and learn much more.

Every discipline, from history to nursing to engineering to aquaculture has its own language. Many students are frustrated and overwhelmed when they start to read materials that have a lot of unfamiliar words and concepts.

Additionally, to understand any piece of writing, the reader has to understand the "cultural codes" implicit in the content of the text. This may mean understanding the culture in which the text was written, the disciplinary context, the idiosyncrasies of the original language, or knowing something about the historical period in which the text was written.

To illustrate the importance of cultural codes to readers, [Bean uses] a "Far Side" cartoon showing a group of partying dogs, hoisting drinks inside a doghouse. One dog is speaking to another; the caption says, "Oh hey! Say, do you mind telling me which way to the yard? That bathrooms are often hard to find in middle-class homes, so guests have to ask the host discretely where they are located.

This is hard stuff - and you're not going to learn overnight. Never, never think that you don't understand because you're not smart enough. You CAN understand it - sometimes you just need some help. I can guarantee you that if you are wondering what something means, at least two or three other people and usually more are also wondering.

Be brave, ask for help and clarification, ask questions in class, look words up in the dictionary. And remember to pace yourself and take breaks. No one can read hard stuff for hours at a time, so be nice to yourself! John Bean argues that when it comes to reading required material, professors and students are caught in a vicious circle: Because students know that professors will explain the reading, they do not do the reading and rely on their professor's interpretations - thus they never engage the material directly and reach their own interpretations.

He suggests that to break the vicious circle students need to be taught how to read critically and with purpose. Just a few of his ideas are presented here - his book has many, many more excellent ideas. Please register using the calendar widget at right.

Come join us at our upcoming 4 hour symposium 4 CPE credits When: Thursday, April 12 8: Come learn how to: Discover what data is living in your files Easily determine file ownership and entitlements Restrict access to critical files Redact, and even encrypt, sensitive content About the Speaker: Data Loss Prevention by evaluating and addressing risk.

March Chapter Meeting Posted on February 24, by t Our community now has more certified professionals. This is the book we use in the course and the official ISC2 study guide.

Contact Ashley Edwards at Wiley to receive the discounted price: The only Oregon 2-year. Now other local schools are getting into the game. I am teaching the course. This is a 6-day intensive, hands-on Information Security course.

Last year, Charlie Kawasaki and his daughter provided a summer camp for high school students focused on Information Security. The name changed to NW Cyber Camp , but they are coming back this year again: Check them out and spread the word please.

This happens in early October. If you are interested in participating as a trainer or sponsor , please let me know and I will get you in touch with the OWASP Leadership team. I nterface Portland is coming next month: Every year there are some good nuggets at this local conference. If you attend, please come say hello to the board at the ISSA booth.

You may be doing something amazing, novel, or interesting that others want to hear about. This is a growth potential for you and a learning opportunity for the rest of the membership. Let me know if you are interested in sharing. Let me know if you are interested! You have a lot to offer. If you are interested in helping with that effort, let us know. Having a pool of instructors will benefit our membership and provide you with a career building opportunity.

ISSA has a mentorship program. It needs local leaders to help organize. Having a mentor helps us to learn how to get to the next level, how to improve professionally and how to give back to our community. If you are interested in mentorship, either as a mentor or a mentee, let me know and we will work to get the program working locally. Stay warm and I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Winter Training update. February 14 Chapter Meeting — Cyber Threats: Oregon Posted on February 2, by t Come Join us for our November Lunch Meeting: It was fun, challenging and informative. Please pass this along, the more people we have in the course, the more incentive James and I have to continue providing the content. This year there are 6 tracks, a half-day each. I am teaching this one! It will be awesome. Get signed up for this early.

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