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Interview with Bill Gates. Gates tells the press about developments in the company he cofounded and the antitrust case it was Gates tells the press about developments in the company he cofounded and the antitrust case it was facing. Only 10 journalists joined Gates at the minute roundtable discussion, all of them from Asia. The case flows from an entrepreneurial perspective based on the effect that Warren Buffett had on Tim Johnston, a recent graduate from Florida State University.

The case starts with Johnston's difficult background and his desire to learn The case starts with Johnston's difficult background and his desire to learn more about Buffett's life.

His entrepreneurship professor at Florida State, Scott Silver, taught a variety of principles and lessons about Buffett over the two years that Johnston earned a degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

Silver, who became a close friend of Johnston, invited him to attend the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting and listen to Warren Buffett. Together they learned a great deal about the company and Buffett. The case reviews Buffett's background including his pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures from his youth through adulthood.

The case also reviews Buffett's values system, philanthropy, keys to success, and views on happiness. At the end of the case, Silver asks Johnston several questions about the effect that Warren Buffett had on Johnston's life. This paper is on Gatesian Vision. Bill Gates interview sur le monde futur. Read this fabulous site and invested in a steam shower and never glanced back, fantastic resources on this website cannot say thanks enough. Bill Gates Research Paper Executive summary.

The paper focuses on Bill Gates as one of the most successful leaders in the modern world. At the beginning the major reasons that brought him the great success are discussed.

After that his personality and activities are analyzed in terms of strong and negative aspects of leadership. Basically, Bill Gates is defined as a strong leader possessing great enthusiasm and charisma that tends to unite people working with him, though he also possesses certain authoritarian traits, especially in relation to major competitors of his company. It is an undeniable fact that successful leaders contributed to the general progress of society even though not all of their actions were good.

At the same time, it is necessary to underline that the notion of leadership is quite large and may be applied to different spheres though, in principle, the concept of leadership remains unchanged and does not really depends on the field where it is applied.

In other words, leaders are present in all fields, including not only politics, but also economy, science, technologies, culture, etc. Obviously, leadership is equally important to all spheres. This is why it is possible to speak about the significance and the role of a personality of leaders in history. What is more important is the fact that leaders possess a great power to influence people, fully reveal their potential and realize their greatest dreams. This means that leaders can realize themselves but they can also stimulate other people to fully reveal their talents and realize their potential.

Obviously, nowadays, leadership is widely applied to the sphere of business and technologies. In fact, the role of business leaders as well as leaders in the domain of technologies, is of a paramount importance in the modern world because nowadays, the role of politics, for instance, seems to be not so important as it used to be in the past, while the role of business and advanced technologies has increased considerably.

In fact, new technologies may be viewed as a major condition of a successful business as well as a guarantee of the political leadership of a country where these technologies are invented and widely implemented.

At the same time, the most successful leaders combine the leadership in different domains such as technologies and business. In this respect, it is possible to name Bill Gates as one of the most successful leaders of the present epoch. In fact, Bill Gates managed to successfully combine his talent as a successful IT specialist with the qualities of a successful business leader. Nowadays, Bill Gates is considered to be one of the most successful people in the world.

In such a situation, it is really important to carefully analyze his work and career as well as his personality, in order to clearly find out the major reasons that helped him to achieve such a tremendous success.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that along with a number of strengths of Bill Gates as a leader, he still has certain weaknesses that is quite natural since, as any other human, Bill Gates is also not a perfect or almighty being.

Reasons for success of Bill Gates On analyzing the life and work of Bill Gates, it is necessary to point out that he has achieved really great results and he may be considered as a very successful person judging from his achievements in business and work.

It is not a secret that he is one of the richest people in the world and, what is more, he is considered to be a guru of high technologies.

To put it more precisely, his inventions and achievements in the field of IT made him a really successful person and, to a significant extent, it is due to his inventions he became such a famous and rich person. In this respect, it should be said that Bill Gates is one of the most successful businessmen of the epoch of personal computers revolution.

It should be said that his commercial success is based on his professional achievements as an IT specialist. It should be pointed out that he started his work at a very early age and it was one of the major conditions of his further success because due to his young age he managed to take risks at the domain where other more experienced businessmen were unwilling to invest money.

Moreover, he combined his talent in the field of IT with traits of a successful businessman. At any rate, he managed to create a product and, what is more, he managed to fully benefit from this new product. Speaking about his first successes which may be viewed as the basis for his future progress and leading position in the world market of IT and software, it is necessary to underline that Bill Gates began his career in personal computer software, programming computers at age of 13 Bank Obviously, this was not the age when other people started their work, especially in such a highly technological field.

In fact, this early start became the basis of his further success which actually defined his entire career. To put it more precisely, a young boy could hardly choose any other way in his professional life since he actually did the job he liked very much and, what is more, he perfectly felt that he is very successful in this field. Moreover, it is necessary to underline that it was not just because of success of his programming and software that made him so eager in his work but it is also due to the fact that he was a great enthusiast that really enjoyed his work.

Actually, the latter fact is probably the most important factor that determined his general success because it was really important for a young boy to find the way in his life, especially under pressure of his successful parents. It is worthy of mention that his father was a respectable attorney in Seattle and, naturally, he wanted his son to receive a good education.

In all probability, the highly respectable educational establishment which Bill Gates attended produced certain impact on his personality but, in actuality, it seemed as if the boy was so gifted that he did not actually need that high education and the fact that he started work at the age of 13 perfectly proves that he was a person that outstripped his time in a way.

This means that he was so developed that the study was not the major source of his success and his knowledge. Instead he rather relied on his profound interest to computers and new technologies, his experiments than on academic knowledge which simply could not supply Bill Gates with essential information or knowledge about computing. In stark contrast, it was Bill Gates who created new knowledge and actually made the history of personal computer software and IT.

In such a way, it is possible to estimate that Bill Gates basically relied on the innovative character of his work that was an important factor that contributed to his success and the positive achievements of the company he headed along with his partner Paul Allen, Microsoft. At the same time, it should be pointed out that Bill Gates could not found his own company at the very beginning of his professional career.

Instead, he had to work for other companies and people before becoming an owner of his own company. This fact is really important because while doing these jobs Bill Gates could have an excellent opportunity to practice and acquire essential experience in his work. To put it more precisely, this was an essential experience because it would be really dangerous to his own company if Bill Gates started experiments which were not based on any past experience in the company of his own.

In actuality, this would be a great threat to his company and his future career because any serious failure would undermine his financial position and, what is more, the failure in his own company could deteriorate his public image as a successful and young leader of the company dealing with innovative technologies.

On the other hand, as Bill Gates came to Microsoft well-prepared, he could fully realize his ideas and projects in practical life because he had already acquired certain experience and, as he founded his own company, he could act independently from others. Consequently, the combination of experience and innovations brought first successes to Bill Gates in his company. At the same time, it is necessary to underline that Bill Gates paid a lot of attention to innovations which contributed significantly to his successes.

No wonder, he is considered to be one of the most progressive businessmen and IT specialists in the modern world. Furthermore, it should be said that Bill Gates had chosen a really perspective direction in his professional career.

In fact, he started his work at the dawn of the era of personal computers. This is why he and his companion actually started to develop software for personal computers that brought them tremendous success.

Obviously, this was quite a risky step because Bill Gates started to work in the new field but he turned to be conscious enough of the perspectives of computer and software industry that also determined his future successes because he managed to become among the leaders of this industry since he was the first, or at least, among the first people and businessmen who actively applied their knowledge to the development of personal computers and software.

However, it is necessary to underline that his gift in programming was just a half of his general success, though his leadership qualities had already become obvious as he started to develop new technologies. Another considerable part of his success was determined by his gift as a successful business leader. In this respect, it should be said that it was not enough to invent new software but it was also extremely important to successfully implement and sell it. Microsoft went after over 80 companies that they discovered were using their computer software without purchasing it and they pressed legal action and in the end got the money they had earned Down to Earth.

Before Microsoft prosecuted these companies for illegally downloading software, stealing intellectual property online was not considered important and legal action was almost never taken against those who committed the theft. Thanks to Bill Gates and his company intellectual theft is now taken much more seriously in the eyes of the law. While Gates pursued many people who wronged his company he continued to go after his dream of having a computer in every home.

Bill Gates dream since he was in college was to have a computer available to everyone in their home. Originally his idea seemed silly to his friends, the thought that uneducated ordinary people without special training in computers would have access to one in their home, but to Gates it was a very real possibility. His dreams are the reason that computers are now available at low prices and are easy to use and understand.

Gates wanted this dream to become a reality so people could have easier access to information and to push the limits of technology further. Due to the nonstop efforts of Bill Gates and his co workers computers are available in the majority of homes and also in libraries and other public places like hotels and internet cafes.

Making computers accessible to the general public has made Gates a well liked man around the world. Bill Gates is a very well respected man to almost everyone in the world. His hard work and dedication to building his company without having it handed to him has gained him respect from many.

Although throughout the years there have been times when Bill Gates has appeared rude and arrogant for example in his company lost a legal battle over Microsoft having monopoly over computers which lost him popularity in the publics eye India Today but he has always recovered his reputation. Bill Gates has forever changed the way that people look at computers and has done the public a great service by improving technology which has improved the day to day lives of most Americans.

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Bill Gates Research Paper Back in the day, your average person would go through their daily working life with just your simple pen and paper. Little did those people know that on October 28th, , a young boy born in Seattle named Bill Gates .

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Bill Gates Essay Words | 3 Pages. Bill Gates William H. Gates Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the leading provider, worldwide, of software for the personal computer. and employs more than 20, people in 48 countries.

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- Bill Gates Bill Gates is the Antichrist Ever since Microsoft was founded, Bill Gates has gained power over the people of the world by winning a monopoly in the computer-software industry. Bill Gates and his company prosecuted many individuals and companies for software theft to show the world that intellectual property cannot be stolen without punishment. In Gates noticed that there was a huge gap between the number of computers being sold each year and the number of computer software.

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Essay/Term paper: Bill gates Essay, term paper, research paper: Biography. See all college papers and term papers on biography. If you need a custom term paper on Biography: Bill Gates, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a . Jul 23,  · The paper focuses on Bill Gates as one of the most successful leaders in the modern world. At the beginning the major reasons that brought him the great success are discussed. After that his personality and activities are analyzed in terms of strong and negative aspects of leadership.