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Ten tips for finding a good ghostwriter

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❶Will you make your suggestions within the text by using a tracking tool, or will you write your suggestions as comments and allow the writer to implement them?

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How to find a ghostwriter
Observations on life and writing from a former ghostwriter.
Step 1. Know what to expect

The average is somewhere between 90 and days. This article currently has 30 ratings with an average of 3. Home Articles Guides Tools Videos. Before approaching a potential ghostwriter, ask yourself these questions: Is my intention a one-off book project or a continuing relationship? Do I want a traditional book, an e-book, or a compilation of a series of articles, perhaps for a continuing blog? How long by pages or word count do I want the book to be?

What writing style do I seek: Know this before you start negotiating with the ghostwriter. There may be other expenses beyond writing, such as editing and self-publishing. Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

Help Your Business Thrive Get our newsletter. Thanks for signing up! Searching different sites for ghostwriters can ensure that you get a quality ghostwriter who best fits your specific project. Enlist the help of an agency. If you feel overwhelmed or are having a hard time locating specific ghostwriter candidates, use an agency such as Arbor Books or Legacy One.

Let the agencies know your needs, expectations, and budget so they can put you in contact with several potential candidates.

Some may require payment for their services. Compile a list of candidates. List possible ghostwriters you find from referrals, online freelance sites, job ad responses, and agency suggestions.

Note things you like about them, which can help you identify the best candidates for your needs. Some things to note on your list include: Set up an interview. Have a conversation about your expectations, needs, and how the person envisions the collaboration. Ask any questions you have and answer any questions the candidate may have for you.

An interview or initial meeting can help you figure out if you and the potential ghostwriter have right chemistry to work together. Evaluate candidate writing portfolios. Read through each sample and take notes on it. This may indicate a lack of experience or other problems. Get a list of references from previous employers for your candidates. Contact each reference so you know about their relationship to the writer.

References can help you reach the best decision for your writing project. Some questions to ask references include: Do they honor commitments? Can they write with readers and search engines in mind? How well did they express intended message? Do they respect non-disclosure agreements?

Do they follow instructions? Would you hire the ghostwriter for another project? Ask for a short writing sample on your project. This can ensure you hire the best ghostwriter for your specific project. This may indicate inability to follow your instructions and increase your risk of not getting the product you want. Talk about how you envision the project developing, your timetable, and payment.

Discuss rights to the text and non-disclosure expectations. Ask the ghostwriter their expectations. Talk to your ghostwriter about their expectations, too. Consider and honor, when appropriate, their requests and needs.

For example, the ghostwriter may want an advance to get the project started so they can work for you and still support themselves. Once you and the ghostwriter have agreed on project details, draft a contract.

Include items such as payment, expectations of the ghostwriter and for you. Address issues such as deadlines, disclosure, plagiarism, and privacy. This can ensure that the contract is fair to you and your ghostwriter. Do this with a witness or notary present. This can ensure that the contract is legally binding should issues with your project arise.

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11 thoughts on “ Ten tips for finding a good ghostwriter ” Greg Strandberg March 16, at am. You certainly want your employer to pay you. If you’re going to be sitting down for a month or longer to write out a novel or some such, well, you’ve got to have a clean plate.

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Oct 31,  · How to Hire a Ghostwriter for Your First Book. By QuickBooks. Ghostwriters are abundant and relatively easy to find: Simply do a web search for “ghostwriter” or go to an online clearinghouse like Elance or Guru. You can also enlist the help of an agency, /5(28). Looking for a talented ghostwriter? Fill out this form and we’ll put you in touch with qualified writers interested in your project.

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A good ghostwriter can turn your story into a perfect book. Reedsy helps you find a ghostwriter for your book, who'll tell your story the exact way you want. Corey Blake hired Ghostwriters when CEOs and thought leaders wanted to find a ghostwriter to write their book. After working with dozens of ghostwriters, Corey transformed RTC's book writing and book publishing business. Hiring a ghostwriter isn't the best option for the writing of your book. Read my recommendations for an alternative approach to hiring a ghostwriter.